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missile silo adventures

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Matthew & Leigh Ann Fulkerson

We have quite a unique story...


In May of 2008, we met underground at our mutual friends' decommissioned Cold War era Atlas E missile base, called Subterra Castle, which is located near Topeka, Kansas. We had an immediate connection! We've been together ever since. (Click here to watch our video podcast where we talk more in-depth about our story.)


In 2010, we got married at Subterra, and for several years, we worked with with Ed's company assisting with the acquisition and sales of decommissioned missile bases and communication bunkers. (Click here to watch our podcast where we talk more about how we worked as missile base consultants.)


In 2017, we we established an AirBnB suite at Subterra and gained some international press for our unique underground suite.


In 2013, we purchased the Atlas F missile silo property near Wilson, Kansas. Since then, we have been transforming our beautiful, 24-acre property into a private adventure resort. We are a work in progress. Currently, we offer a campground and we welcome RV-ing boondockers who don't need hookups.

We hope to have our full-fledged RV park with water and electrical hook-ups and high speed internet ready for the 2023 season. Our shower house is almost complete. Future plans include a wellness center for massage, sauna, and classes; a gift shop and gourmet coffee shop/wine bar, campground showers and laundry center, and an event center for hosting larger events.


You can help us meet our goals and enjoy staying here by clicking on our Patreon link and supporting the cause.


We have some big visions and dreams for the future development of the site... we hope you'll join the adventure, come stay with us, take a tour, and follow our progress on social media.







During the late 1950's, the US Government spent billions of dollars on strengthening our military in defense against Soviet Communism.


As a response to Sputnik, the US began, in earnest, to develop a rocket and nuclear missile defense program. During this period, rockets quickly evolved. As they evolved, these massive and expensive missile installations became obsolete and were quickly abandoned. Over 70 Atlas F Missile Silos were built in the United States, many of which are in the great plains.


Our site was built in 1959 and was active until 1964 during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Back then, it cost more than $12 million to build the structure alone. In today's dollars it would be over $110 million!


Most of these facilities are in private hands & closed to the public. We are excited to invite you to experience, enjoy and learn from our site.





Nestled in the Smoky Hills of Kansas, our 24-acre property has beautiful views of the Post Rock Wind Farm and surrounding countryside, where you can enjoy walking/biking paths, secluded camping spots and easy access RV parking.


We are located 4 miles off I-70, 2 miles from the town of Wilson, and 12 miles from Wilson Lake.

Explore nearby Wilson State Park and Reservoir, which boasts one of the largest & cleanest lakes in Kansas. Wilson State Park offers about 23 miles of “Epic” rated, single-track biking trails; kayaking, boating and other watersports.

We are close to over 9,000 acres of hunting and fishing lands at Quivira National Wildlife Refuge, Smoky Hills/Kanopolis Wildlife Area and Cheyenne Bottoms Wildlife Area.

At the end of the day relax next to a roaring fire on top of the silo or spend some time pondering the Universe and stargazing under an immense starry sky without much light pollution.


We hope you'll connect with us and monitor our progress as we constantly work to add, refurbish and improve our adventure resort.


Join us for the 5-star reviewed one-hour tour.


Tour Schedule:


8:30am and 5:30pm

or by appointment



$20/military & veteran

$15/kids 10-17

free/kids 0-9

Please call for group tours

for parties of 6 or more.


Regardless of whether you stay at the campground, we encourage you to join us for our one-hour historical tour of the Atlas F Missile Base, where you will learn about history of the Cold War, the Atlas Program, better understand the property and the structures that were built by the US Army Corps of Engineers. You'll descend several flights of stairs and catch a thrill as you gaze down into a enormous 176 ft. deep silo which once held an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM). Experience being deep underground in one of the most hardened structures humans have built. and hear about our exciting future plans for this site.


  • The entire site is somewhat of a construction zone. We strive to make it as safe as possible, but there are inherent hazards on this site. Driveway speed limit is 15mph. Park only in designated areas. Be aware of your surroundings and where you are putting your feet. There are a number of structures coming out of the ground and there are also holes from the missile base infrastructure, our construction and from wildlife.

  • There are several flights of stairs to go down and then back up. Wear comfortable footgear and hold on to railings. People with foot, ankle, knee issues, please proceed with caution, and at your own pace.

  • The silo is spacious, you will most likely not feel claustrophobic; it is like being in a large basement. The most "confined" area is the large tunnel between the Launch Control Center and the Silo, but even here, you can stand up fully. You can always leave the tour at any point if you feel uncomfortable. There is also plenty of light in the underground structure.

  • There is some degree of moisture, mildew, and rust as we have not yet started renovating the underground structure. If you are highly sensitive to mold/mildew plan accordingly.




Tent camping is available June - October. We have five designated campsites with a 12'x12' prepared bed of sand to create a relatively level, comfortable and drained place to erect your tent. Please bring corkscrew tent stakes to be fully prepared to securely stake your tent given the often windy conditions. Each site also has solar path lighting to help you find your way. 



Car camping is available all year. We have room for five car or van camping setups. The car camping area is at the top of the drive on the right, close to the concrete pads that used to have the Quonset buildings on them. Now, we use these pads to gather for outdoor games and enjoy the fire pit.



Currently, there is level parking for several vehicles. As you can see from the photos, we can accommodate a few large rigs. We do not offer hookups yet, however, we are in the process of putting in our full-fledged RV park with 50 and 30 amp electrical panels and water. We expect our RV park will be ready for the 2023 season.



  • High-speed Internet

  • Shower House (open by June 2022)

  • Biodigesting Toilet

  • Walking/Biking Paths

  • Community Campfire Nightly

  • Outdoor Games

  • Massage Therapy (by reservation)

  • Gourmet Meals (by reservation)


A Space-Themed Resort Underground


The Launch Control Center will become an educational center, showcasing the technologies and products that will enable us to create resilient and self-sustaining human habitat both on Earth and, someday, on other planets.

LL Suite
LL Suite

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Guest Suite
Guest Suite

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LL Suite

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Atlas Ad Astra

Adventure Resort

354 4th Road

Wilson, KS 67490

If you need immediate assistance or a same-day response, please call or text us!


Matthew: 785-499-3704

Leigh Ann: 541-415-0703

Tour Schedule:


8:30am and 5:30pm

or by appointment

Please use the form or call Matthew if you would like to arrange a group tour for 6 or more adults.

Do NOT use Apple Maps to find us, as it takes you to the wrong place. Use GOOGLE MAPS, or click on the map below.

We'll get in touch asap!