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 Sponsors & Volunteers 


Airbnb OMG Fund selected 100 host's from around the World to give $100,000, to create an Oh My God experience.  I am excited to announce I was one of the lucky winners.  As a campground SuperHost with Airbnb since 2019, getting this kind of support is a dream come true to finally finish the inside of the Atlas F Missile Launch Control Center,


Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore a large US paint company saw the uniqueness of this project & committed to providing up to 100 gallons of paint.  This sponsorship made a tremendous impact on the transformation of this site from a raw concrete bunker, into a clean, stylish facility. Just look at the before & after photos, Benjamin Moore is amazing!


Devin Film

Devin is a filmmaker from Canada living in Lawrence, KS.  On several occasions Devin has been willing to travel 6 hours in order to film & capture my story.  Volunteering time & equipment he has been a big part in letting you get a glimpse into my underground world.


Home Biogas

Home Biogas is an anaerobic system that decomposes waste and transforms it into renewable biogas for cooking. It’s easy to install, hassle-free, off-grid, environmentally friendly.  I have been using this system for the campground for several years now, successfully cooking bacon & steaks when the power went down.


JR Granite

JR Granite is a local granite company started by James & Robert.  I have been doing custom woodworking for years with my father & we have referred JR Granite for several countertop jobs because they do excellent work. They have specialized equipment for custom jobs like mine.


Rouge Visual Design

Rouge Visual Design has come out on multiple occasions to fly drones, map crop circles & 3D scan my entire Missile Base property.  Using top of the line equipment the Rouge team have volunteered days worth of capturing precise images of my facility. These guys rock!


Dome Logistics

Dome Logistics is operated by Marty Heaton a local who has been interested in these Missile Bases for decades.  Working together with Marty I was able to create a 700+ sq. ft. Dome structure on the property which I currently live in, but will eventually become an Airbnb for guests.  I wouldn't have been able to accomplish this without his knowledge, equipment & expertise.


Alliance Insurance Group

Alliance Insurance Group sponsored historic Stone Posts for installation up the driveway.  This property is along the Kansas Post Rock Scenic Byway featuring Limestone Post which were made by early pioneers.  Now as you travel through Kansas, this driveway is a great example of hard work & dedication by those who went before us.


Central Kansas Contractor

CKC is owned & operated by James Wacker.  Local to the area, after receiving a tour of the Missile Base, he volunteered his expertise, labor & equipment to help over several years. James & his crew of hard workers have help tackle several large parts of the project, making this a reality. James is an incredible person with a lot of skills.



Hempwood is just was it sounds like, Hemp made into wood products such as flooring.  After talking with the CEO Greg Wilson, the company gave a great discount on their products to be feature in the development of this project.  Focused on sustainability, I believe in supporting US startups.



Hydraloop is a greywater system that collects, treats & re-uses water from household showers, washers, air conditioners & sinks, sending clean, safe & disinfected water to toilets, laundry & gardens. Hydraloop provided a great discount for the project & I am excited to feature their tech!


Original Woodwork

Original Woodwork is owned by my father Lonnie Fulkerson.  As an entrepreneur, my father has had a tremendous impact on my life.  Teaching me business, craftmanship skills, how to use a variety of tools & being there for advice, I could not have accomplished all that I have done without an incredible example of a man like him. 


Strictly Kitchen + Bath

Strictly Kitchen + Bath is a product that adds a luxury feel to the Kitchen experience.  Their team decided to sponsor Atlas Ad Astra with a black stainless steel butterfly workstation corner sink, along with extra cutting board & rack system.  Having a product like this is an amazing blessing!


Haz-Mat Response

Haz-Mat Response is a nationwide management emergency response service for hazardous material.  After pressure washing & sandblasting every inch of the underground facility I contacted HMR to help remove all of the the sand & debris.  They very generously sponsored this project by removing all of the materials at no cost. Their team did an excellent job & were very professional

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