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Living in Space

Imagine an immersive environment where you can experience living in an isolated and relatively confined environment, similar to being in a space colony or on a large space station. Here, having all your basic life supporting systems and technologies would be mission critical. In our space-themed resort, guests will have the opportunity to simulate this unique experience. What a ride!



We hope to inspire people to design resilience and preparedness into the home. There are many new technologies and products that will help us live more self-sustaining and resilient lives. These technologies can be applied to both life on Earth and to the future of space exploration.


Resilient Homes Have:

  • Fresh Food - utilizing aquaponics and hydroponics with LED lighting to produce fish and vegetables in a closed-loop system.

  • Clean Air - is ensured with an Oxygen Generator. which creates oxygen from electrolysis of water; dehumidifiers to keep the moisture levels right'; and CBRN filters to protect from Chemical, Biological, Radiological & Nuclear contaminants.

  • Pure Water - using Atmospheric Water Generators, we are able to capture & purify water from the air. Grey water systems recycle & conserve fresh water usage.

  • Consistent Energy - PowerWalls store & distribute energy as it is produced from wind, solar, hydro, & exercise equipment.

  • Health/Medical - combining wearable health sensors, telemedicine, and a personal AI.

  • Communications - fiber optics, satellite communications and the latest equipment ensure communication in times of need.

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